After our study club on skin cancer, here are some things to consider.

More than five sunburns doubles your risk of melanoma. Where you are age wise makes no difference.

Use of a tanning device before age 30 increases your risk of melanoma by 75%.

Skin cancer, in general, is the most common cancer in the US, and the fastest increasing cancer in the US.

Your lifetime risk for melanoma in the US in 1935 was 1/1500. In 2000 it was 1/75.

Living in Oregon does make a difference, but not like you'd think: the rate of new melanoma diagnoses in Oregon was 36% higher than the national average from 2002-2006 and 4th highest in the US.

With summer trying to arrive, knowing that dermatologists would prefer we didn't go out in the sun at all, please remember to take appropriate precautions, and do what can be done to lessen the risk of getting skin cancer.


Happy almost summer. The kids are getting out of school, allergies are every where, and the sun is out today!!
Just a a quick couple of things to update you on the goings on here at the office....REALLY!!

Between the Oregon Dental Convention, my study club and other classes, I am trying to keep up with an ever changing dental landscape. Some of the classes:

Treating the Immunocompromised Patient: Besides people with certain diseases and on certain drugs, a persons age is also considered when classifying someone as immunocompromised. Great!!
Third molar, Second molar and Cuspid extractions: when and why.
Remineralization Strategies: Honestly, one of the worst lecturers I've ever seen.
Risk Management: required, need I say more.
But They're Just Baby Teeth: Good class, covered acidity as well as sugar content as a factor in decay and demineralization.
Oral cancer review: beyond just the mouth, what about the face, too.
Do I know how to have fun or what!!

We just completed our Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers class. In 32 years in practice, this has really evolved. We have an AED in the office and know how to use it.

If you've been in recently you know we have added a skin cancer exam as part of the oral cancer exam. In addition, the last class of our study club this year is titled "What's this on my face?" so I will be well versed in what to look for beyond my own recent consultation with my

We are asked if we are taking new patients...Yes we are. We always try to ask who referred someone so we can thank them, but don't always get a response. So, THANK YOU from us to everyone who has referred someone. It means so much to us, and we can't thank you enough.

Lastly, we have new logos, cards and stationary and a redesigned web site.... simple things but so much fun to come up with.

Happy Summer!
Dr Mark, Cathy, Frances, Bev and Kim

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